16 December 2014

Return of The Knitter

Okay. Let's try to get my blogging spirits back up (without actual spirits, although I'm reasonably certain you can't tell when I've been drinking and blogging...or just drinking and responding to comments). Tonight I did a few rounds on my selfish socks and didn't bake cookies. As in, they're just Rice Krispies with mini marshmallows covered in peanut butter and white chocolate. They're setting up in the kitchen, since the baking sheets won't fit in the fridge right now. They're for Saturday, when I continue a family tradition of being around my family when I'm already grumpy, just to make sure I'm really fucking miserable for the holidays.

Talking of, happy first night of Chanukah....said the shiksa.

Anyway, back to more pressing things like knitting. My new bloggy BFF Jean of Candy + Bagel is in favor of a new KAL, woohoo! If you're interested too, just say the word (down there at the bottom in the comments, there's no waiting for moderation anymore and you can be anonymous if you really want...but that's not nearly as fun) and we'll get this show on the road. Please leave me a comment to tell me what you'd like to knit and maybe a pattern suggestion, and once that's settled we'll see if I can't wrangle up some prizes (by which I mean raid the stash, but I think that's the best kind of prize because you'll get new yarn and I'll get space for new yarn). You know I'm partial to socks, of course, but I also live in a place that will, in all likelihood, become a frozen wasteland full of douchebags taking every gallon of milk home with them at the first sign of snow despite LIVING IN A FUCKING CITY which means if the weather's bad enough to knock the power out, you'll probably freeze to death before you can whip up some French toast (emergency blizzard food, of course). Anyway, my point--I had one, I swear--is that I'm open to any kind of warm woolies because I'm pretty sure in a month's time or even sooner, I'll be up to my Irish ass in snow while the Snow Beast drags me around to frolic.

I also just looked over at my sagging bookshelf, which reminded me that I should expand my knitting library again and that means I can probably procure some pattern books for the KAL. So leave some suggestions of what you'd like to knit and we can get the ball rolling!

15 December 2014

Hi there.

Remember that time I wanted to hit 150 blog posts by the end of the year? Aren't I so hilarious? Because obviously as soon as I said I was feeling kind of meh, and then after all the writing and picture-taking for the previous Ana-centric post I lost my blogging steam. Also, did you know Xmas is coming? Like next week? Fuck that noise, I thought the Grinch put a stop to that nonsense. Ugh.

06 December 2014

A favor to ask

Hello there, buddy. Don't you look lovely today. Are you trying something new with your hair? Or is it a new shirt? I bet you smell nice, too. And you're very smart and funny as well. Plus I know you would quietly point out to me if I had something in my teeth, like a good friend would.

Okay, yes, so I want something but it's not a kidney. It's just a favor to help another good friend of mine (in fact, a very dear, very knitty friend). And if you know me and my blog, you know I talk about her a lot because I love her so. Drum roll, please: It's Ana, who makes delicious yarn and writes wonderful patterns that I have the pleasure of test knitting.

04 December 2014

Knit all the socks

I suddenly have startitis. I've never had startitis. I've also never had finishitis, which explains why Boston Husband's sweater is still, you know, not a whole sweater (back piece and right front done, still working on the left front, sleeves when I get to them...plus seaming and the fucking zipper? No wonder I never want to finish this stupid thing). But last night I cast on a nice simple pair of socks for myself, which I haven't done in FOREVER (since my spectacular flop of a KAL, actually) and for some reason it's not enough. I went and dug out special yarn I bought for my mom and now I'm trying to figure out the best cabled sock pattern for her.

03 December 2014


Hello again. I meant to post something yesterday, but I was dying of migraine. Like I went to bed at eight with a bucket next to the bed because I almost always vomit when I get a migraine. Luckily I fell asleep before it got that far, but all day I've felt like I have too much brain crammed in my skull and I've been awfully dizzy. Yikes.

01 December 2014


I could not stay away from Cyber Monday sales. I just ordered four skeins of Little Brother from YOTH Yarns (one each in Caco, Saba, Oyster, and Sea Salt), because small business plus free shipping plus free tote equals a happy yarn hoarder knitter. I think I need to change my handle, since I do more yarn buying than knitting lately. Then again, I did order Botanical Knits 2, so there's that to break me of my yarn buying streak. We'll just ignore the fact that technically I ordered it in between the Felici (and Stroll Brights, and sock blanks, and Stroll Handpaints, and something else I'm sure I'm forgetting so won't that be a lovely surprise when it arrives) and the Little Brother. I will wrap all of those things and tuck them under the tree for myself when the arrive, since we're putting up the tree later this week. That way I can put off cramming them in the closet for a bit longer. I think one of the boxes on the top shelf is intended for finished knits--like a place to keep knits that will work as gifts for when I don't have anything for someone but they deserve better than a gift card to Marshall's--and the other not-full-of-yarn box has some WIPs I'm not really working on at the moment, so I'll figure something else out with the two of them (consolidation!) and have another pink box freed up for fingering weight! Solid plan!

Since it's the start of a new month (hello, December) I'm going to try to wrap up the year with a bang...and by bang I mean more blogging. And more blogging will probably mean more pictures, hopefully more knitting, and possibly a giveaway as I reorganize some of the stash. Make sure you're following to keep up-to-date will all the happenings. And now, I have a Hulu queue to catch up and a hat to finish.

30 November 2014


I'm not going, but I've been. Away. To New Hampshire, all weekend. Boston Husband took me and the Snow Beast (Monster Dog has been re-nicknamed, because the latest automotive acquisition has been dubbed Monster) up on Friday to a cabin he rented from a nice woman who loves Jesus, Ronald Reagan, and outdated technology. I don't remember the last time I saw a VHS tape in the wild, but that was definitely the first time I've seen a framed portrait of Reagan (in the living room, just watching us all weekend). And Jesus was everywhere. Including the bathroom. Really hard to go about your business when you can't shake the feeling of being watched.