21 January 2015

Ugh, make it stop

So, I have bronchitis. I thought it was a virus and I would just ride it out, but two weeks was a little too long to keep carrying on. So yesterday I left work after less than two hours, sat in traffic forever and got home at nine, the woke up Boston Husband and had him take me to urgent care. The last time I went to urgent care, I walked. I couldn't handle even that this time, and it's only six blocks (if that). They had me wear a mask--sexy--and kept asking me if I spoke English. Ha. Ladies, don't take a Portuguese last name if you get sick of that question easily. The nurse had a hard time getting my blood pressure, then said it was pretty high (Boston Husband later said no, it was narrow, because I'm kind of having a hard time breathing with all the congestion and crap in m lungs). When I finally saw the doctor, she said while it was smart of me to try to ride out a virus, given my history of asthma (and pneumonia in college, and an upper respiratory infection a couple years ago) I'll need to be more careful. She wrote me a script for a Z pack and a new inhaler. Dandy.

05 January 2015

Sock It To Me: Revenge of the Stripes

Okay, knitters. Select your yarn. Grab your needles. Check your gauge. Are you ready? You have ten days left to decide if you're in or out for the second Boston Knitter sock KAL. I do hope you'll join us. I promised you guys some rules (ha, rules, coming from me. Hilarious), but here's a general outline of my plan.

02 January 2015

A delightful challenge

How's that hangover coming? Are you still in the dark, praying for cheeseburgers and/or bacon-wrapped bacon to cure you? Poor thing. You know what will fix you right up? Yarn. I'm still working on funeral scarves (okay, I'm still on the second and third ones, two-at-a-time, but I'm hurting because I hate garter stitch, despite the ease of knitting it and its charming reversibility), but I heard about this great thing and I think this great thing will do wonders to help me get the closet back under control.

01 January 2015

A fresh year

Oh my, I'm so tired. I made it to ten-thirty last night and then Boston Husband and I went to bed. Today he's off at Home Depot to try to secure materials for a class plaque for his graduating class at the academy, since no one else wanted to get the plaque made when he originally suggested ideas back in September. Good job, guys. Meanwhile, I'm home knitting the funeral scarves I mentioned on Monday and marathoning (that is a word, spell check, you can go straight to hell with those red lines) Criminal Minds. Grammy's funeral is the 10th, so I'm trying to crank these bad boys out in time. Then we'll start a new sock KAL, with the Fork in the Road socks suggested by Jean. Get your self-striping yarn ready and start your swatching now so you're ready to go on let's say the 15th of January. You need a gauge of eight stitches and eleven rows per inch, and don't forget to swatch in the round (or, you know, just pretend like we did for the first Sock It To Me KAL). I have a mountain of self-striping yarn so this might be my new favorite sock pattern for all of it.  And this time, I'll have prizes! So go raid your stash, work up your swatch, and don't forget to join the discussion over at the Boston Knitter Fanclub group on Ravelry!

29 December 2014

A destash day

Hello. I'm sorry to have been quiet. Today I took off from work. Yesterday my grandmother died. So today I'm knitting scarves, from the stash, oh my. The funeral is a week from Saturday. I might get all my scarves done by then. It's cold in January, people will need scarves. I'll be back soon, I just needed a day to knit scarves and binge-watch Gilmore Girls.

16 December 2014

Return of The Knitter

Okay. Let's try to get my blogging spirits back up (without actual spirits, although I'm reasonably certain you can't tell when I've been drinking and blogging...or just drinking and responding to comments). Tonight I did a few rounds on my selfish socks and didn't bake cookies. As in, they're just Rice Krispies with mini marshmallows covered in peanut butter and white chocolate. They're setting up in the kitchen, since the baking sheets won't fit in the fridge right now. They're for Saturday, when I continue a family tradition of being around my family when I'm already grumpy, just to make sure I'm really fucking miserable for the holidays.

Talking of, happy first night of Chanukah....said the shiksa.

Anyway, back to more pressing things like knitting. My new bloggy BFF Jean of Candy + Bagel is in favor of a new KAL, woohoo! If you're interested too, just say the word (down there at the bottom in the comments, there's no waiting for moderation anymore and you can be anonymous if you really want...but that's not nearly as fun) and we'll get this show on the road. Please leave me a comment to tell me what you'd like to knit and maybe a pattern suggestion, and once that's settled we'll see if I can't wrangle up some prizes (by which I mean raid the stash, but I think that's the best kind of prize because you'll get new yarn and I'll get space for new yarn). You know I'm partial to socks, of course, but I also live in a place that will, in all likelihood, become a frozen wasteland full of douchebags taking every gallon of milk home with them at the first sign of snow despite LIVING IN A FUCKING CITY which means if the weather's bad enough to knock the power out, you'll probably freeze to death before you can whip up some French toast (emergency blizzard food, of course). Anyway, my point--I had one, I swear--is that I'm open to any kind of warm woolies because I'm pretty sure in a month's time or even sooner, I'll be up to my Irish ass in snow while the Snow Beast drags me around to frolic.

I also just looked over at my sagging bookshelf, which reminded me that I should expand my knitting library again and that means I can probably procure some pattern books for the KAL. So leave some suggestions of what you'd like to knit and we can get the ball rolling!

15 December 2014

Hi there.

Remember that time I wanted to hit 150 blog posts by the end of the year? Aren't I so hilarious? Because obviously as soon as I said I was feeling kind of meh, and then after all the writing and picture-taking for the previous Ana-centric post I lost my blogging steam. Also, did you know Xmas is coming? Like next week? Fuck that noise, I thought the Grinch put a stop to that nonsense. Ugh.