06 September 2015

Hello Again

It's been a long time, and eventually I'll tell you why, but lately I've just been so damn busy with life and knitting (currently five WIPs, and casting on for a sixth later today for a KAL) so that explanation has to wait. But if you follow me on Instagram you have at least part of the story, which was a three-week road trip to California and back, by way of various national parks and two yarn stores. It would have been more yarn stores, but there was a funeral we needed to rush back for. So now I know you can make it back from South Dakota in 48 hours if you sleep and drive in shifts. Then a month later there was another funeral. Then last week there was another funeral. So things like blogging have been pushed to the back burner. Plus also I have this other project I need to work on that isn't knitting but is knitting-related, but with all the funerals and the soul-crushing aspect of my job, I hardly feel motivated. 

Okay. Unfortunately I'm running a bit late for knitting circle in Salem (have you visited Circle of Stitches yet? You really need to) so I'm not going to elaborate more now. But soon.

12 April 2015

Too much lion, not enough lamb

I remember in elementary school being taught the saying about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, or that basically March sucks until the end of the month when it finally starts to feel like spring. Um, no. After the shittiest winter of my entire life (suck it, Blizzard of '78), March decided that all it really needed to do was be cold and windy and not warm up at all. April just now decided to be less cold and crappy. I have three windows open in my house today, and I could in theory go outside without a sweatshirt (but you will pry my hoodie from my cold, dead hands; I am a born and bred New Englander and my wardrobe depends on hoodies). Even Snow Beast is enjoying the warmer weather, but I only have a few more days before his coat starts blowing in earnest and he starts to get grumpy from my attempts at brushing and de-clumping him.

19 February 2015


I did actually just "Whoa!" out loud. My blog traffic has suddenly skyrocketed. Thank you to all my new visitors, and I hope you'll be regular readers. Also, fuck, where did you all come from?

We just wrapped up the Sock It To Me: Revenge of the Stripes KAL here, so let me take a moment to plug the winners. Our grand prize winner is Emily at Snapdragon Crafts, second place went to Meegan, a.k.a. TheKnitDr, and third place is Jean over at Candy & Bagel! They all completed some very gorgeous socks in the past month, which you can check out here (you'll also see the pair I completed, because I like to do the patterns too in case anyone has questions). A pretty simple pattern, but it makes a stripey yarn shine and the heel works for most feet, plus it's fun to measure someone's thumb to make them a sock and leave them wondering.

15 February 2015

Quick reminder

Don't forget, today is the deadline for a completed entry into the Sock it to Me: Revenge of the Stripes KAL! If you're almost done with your Fork in the Road Socks, hopefully this will be the push you need to get them finished. Remember, there's yarn and Ravelry patterns for the top three (by which I mean first three names out of a hat, unless we get a lot of last-minute entries)!

01 February 2015

Rabbit, rabbit

First day of a new month, hope you all remembered your superstitions this morning. Supposedly if the first words out of your mouth on the first of the month are "rabbit, rabbit," you'll have good luck for the month. Well I survived my bronchitis last month, so I'll say it works for me. Plus then I think about bunnies first thing in the morning and that's always nice.

21 January 2015

Ugh, make it stop

So, I have bronchitis. I thought it was a virus and I would just ride it out, but two weeks was a little too long to keep carrying on. So yesterday I left work after less than two hours, sat in traffic forever and got home at nine, the woke up Boston Husband and had him take me to urgent care. The last time I went to urgent care, I walked. I couldn't handle even that this time, and it's only six blocks (if that). They had me wear a mask--sexy--and kept asking me if I spoke English. Ha. Ladies, don't take a Portuguese last name if you get sick of that question easily. The nurse had a hard time getting my blood pressure, then said it was pretty high (Boston Husband later said no, it was narrow, because I'm kind of having a hard time breathing with all the congestion and crap in m lungs). When I finally saw the doctor, she said while it was smart of me to try to ride out a virus, given my history of asthma (and pneumonia in college, and an upper respiratory infection a couple years ago) I'll need to be more careful. She wrote me a script for a Z pack and a new inhaler. Dandy.

05 January 2015

Sock It To Me: Revenge of the Stripes

Okay, knitters. Select your yarn. Grab your needles. Check your gauge. Are you ready? You have ten days left to decide if you're in or out for the second Boston Knitter sock KAL. I do hope you'll join us. I promised you guys some rules (ha, rules, coming from me. Hilarious), but here's a general outline of my plan.