01 August 2014

More yarn, because duh.

Hello again, friends. Who's ready for more yarn pictures? These are yarns that have not yet been Raveled, and I really need to update my Rav stash, but when I disclose something at the end of this post you'll understand why that's going to be a huge undertaking (and not just because a large portion is, like, embarrassing for a yarn snob to own, although there is also that aspect). I have less to say about these yarns, because they were not purchased on a crawl, but instead at favorite shops. So let's try something different where I just tell funny stories and show off yarns with actual captions about what they are and where I got them from. Ready?

04 July 2014

Glitter and a show-stopping musical number

No, not really. Fuck, what's wrong with you people that you want to see me sing and dance? Insanity. But in exchange, I have pictures of yarn. So, so many pictures of yarn. These are yarns I've had listed in my Rav stash since I got them, but I did take Rav pictures and not blog pictures, so this will be an extremely picture-heavy post. I keep my stash ordered alphabetically by yarn name, so let's just work in that order. Since I had all the receipts handy, I also managed to list where it came from and how much I spent (let's not actually do the math, though, because then I really can't continue to justify this habit and the constant stash expansion).

20 May 2014

Hello again

This isn't really my comeback. My comeback will involve glitter and a show-stopping musical number.* I've just been very busy with work, and slightly busy with knitting. And while we're on the subject, please allow a small rant.
What the actual fuck, yarn stores. The yarns I received from yarn crawl are just...I mean, what's wrong with a nice plied wool? Or soft pima cotton? OR MAYBE JUST A COLOR THAT DOESN'T IMMEDIATELY MAKE YOU THINK OF MOLD? I am very seriously thinking of burning one of these yarns. I don't even think I can pawn it off on someone else...unless I haul my cookies down to Rhode Island and "donate" it to my once-local yarn store. There may or may not be pictures, but I'm not kidding when I say one of the yarns is crispy.
I did skip this year's Knit & Crochet Blog Week, because the topics were a smidge too avant-garde for me. I know, you're all bummed I didn't do a dating profile of my socks. To make up for that, I'm promising yarn porn: all the lovely things I brought home from the North Shore Yarn Crawl in March (holy shit I'm so behind with that). I may or may not be including a shot of the earrings I got, because apparently I lost one sometime this weekend while I was out bar-hopping with Boston Husband, the best friend Homance, and Homance's new boyfriend...I'll probably just call him Spot, because his hair is spotted on one side due to a couple of birthmarks on his scalp. We had a fun night that turned into a horrible next morning when I could barely get myself out of bed and puked after I got out of the shower (after eating a red jello, in hopes of calming my churning gut...which of course made it look like I was barfing up blood). Luckily it was a successful boot 'n rally, because afterwards I managed to get myself dressed and out to lunch with Boston Husband (though I did immediately regret ordering a salad for lunch when really I wanted mac 'n cheese and a donut).

In the interim, this will have to tide you over until tomorrow when I get home from work. There may even be a new On My Needles (omg)...if I can locate my camera. I'm just over halfway through a pair of Brigit socks, which I believe was my wildcard project from last year's KCBW.

*My comeback will not involve glitter and a show-stopping musical number. What the fuck is wrong with you.

02 April 2014

Something good about April

So now that your socks are done and keeping your toes warm (how is my heating bill over $160 if my feet are perpetually frozen?), let's discuss business. The business we will be discussing is A FREE GIVEAWAY!!! Do I have your attention and/or curiosity (but preferably both)? Excellent. Because this is a good one, people. Seriously. And so damn easy, to boot.

01 April 2014

Sock It To Me part four: your toe

Hello everyone, I'm sorry to be so late with this. This week took absolutely everything out of me, to the point where I was offered a day off from work and actually took it, which I don't usually do because I like a full week's paycheck, but I still ended up spending the day driving all over the place to give my mom a car (and this past Sunday--when I really should have put this up--was spent buying goddamn couches for Boston Husband's blind grandmother. FUCK. She won't ever know what they look like, and it literally took hours). Ahem. Back to the point: how's your sock? Lovely, I hope. Hell, you might have even decided to work your second sock up to the toe as well (ha, I'm sure), so let's get down to finishing at least one sock so you'll know what you're doing for the second one.

18 March 2014

Sock It To Me part three: turning your heel & working your gusset

Hello again! Sorry this is coming to you on Monday instead of the promised Sunday update schedule for the KAL. But the North Shore crawl was Saturday, and I was out all day (and most of the night) with Chelle--I didn't get home until about eleven that night--and I was completely wiped out yesterday. But anyway, your heel flaps should be all done and ready for a little shaping to get them to fit your feet. And I have so many pictures for this!

09 March 2014

Sock It To Me part two: heel flap

Welcome back to the next edition of the KAL! How did your legs go? More importantly, are you ready to work your heels? Awesome!

So for these socks, we're working a flap-and-gusset heel. You see this style a lot with cuff-down socks, and there are all kinds of different patterns you can use for the heel flap. This pattern calls for something relatively simple (slipped stitches for a ribbed appearance), but sometimes you'll see heel flaps that maintain the stitch pattern from the leg or even cables.