02 April 2014

Something good about April

So now that your socks are done and keeping your toes warm (how is my heating bill over $160 if my feet are perpetually frozen?), let's discuss business. The business we will be discussing is A FREE GIVEAWAY!!! Do I have your attention and/or curiosity (but preferably both)? Excellent. Because this is a good one, people. Seriously. And so damn easy, to boot.

01 April 2014

Sock It To Me part four: your toe

Hello everyone, I'm sorry to be so late with this. This week took absolutely everything out of me, to the point where I was offered a day off from work and actually took it, which I don't usually do because I like a full week's paycheck, but I still ended up spending the day driving all over the place to give my mom a car (and this past Sunday--when I really should have put this up--was spent buying goddamn couches for Boston Husband's blind grandmother. FUCK. She won't ever know what they look like, and it literally took hours). Ahem. Back to the point: how's your sock? Lovely, I hope. Hell, you might have even decided to work your second sock up to the toe as well (ha, I'm sure), so let's get down to finishing at least one sock so you'll know what you're doing for the second one.

18 March 2014

Sock It To Me part three: turning your heel & working your gusset

Hello again! Sorry this is coming to you on Monday instead of the promised Sunday update schedule for the KAL. But the North Shore crawl was Saturday, and I was out all day (and most of the night) with Chelle--I didn't get home until about eleven that night--and I was completely wiped out yesterday. But anyway, your heel flaps should be all done and ready for a little shaping to get them to fit your feet. And I have so many pictures for this!

09 March 2014

Sock It To Me part two: heel flap

Welcome back to the next edition of the KAL! How did your legs go? More importantly, are you ready to work your heels? Awesome!

So for these socks, we're working a flap-and-gusset heel. You see this style a lot with cuff-down socks, and there are all kinds of different patterns you can use for the heel flap. This pattern calls for something relatively simple (slipped stitches for a ribbed appearance), but sometimes you'll see heel flaps that maintain the stitch pattern from the leg or even cables.

02 March 2014

Sock It To Me part one: gauge & your cuff

Hello friends. Are you ready? I'm ready. I'm very excited. Now, we're not doing anything too fancy here, just a simple cuff-down sock with a heel flap and gusset. We'll only do one sock at a time, and you won't have to worry about grafting the toe with the Kitchener stitch until the end of the sock. So just relax, take a deep breath, and let's start.

Oh no...

Oh my. I've been gone quite a while, haven't I? I've had a lot going on that didn't lend itself much to knitting, and then when it did, it didn't lend itself to blogging. So here's what I've been up to since last I wrote.

In January, I finished a lovely cowl I started right at the end of last year. I mentioned that I had ordered the Empalme cowl kit from Craftsy. Well, it's done. And holy crap, it is massive. Way bigger than it's meant to be. I'm not quite sure where my gauge went wrong, but hot damn. There was not an inch of yarn left over when I was done, and I had to cut out the last few rows in order to have something to seam up with. In fact, I ended up having to seam with the tail from my cast on as well. Talk about a white-knuckle knit.

31 December 2013

The end of world. Or year, whatever.

Sorry to have disappeared for a bit there. The holidays take a lot out of me. As much as I love my family, I am totally exhausted after I see them. The joys of being an introvert--ha, I bet you'd never have thought that. It used to be a bit more obvious, but then I worked at a radio station in the promotions department, and that cracked my shell.

Anyway. So the holidays happened, and they wore me out. And also my job, while not quite as soul-crushing as a retail position, is still tiring (especially now that I've been moved out of data entry and into phone enrollment, so I spend my days talking to little old ladies instead of sitting at my desk and typing).