15 September 2013


It's a fancy word for boredom. Leave it to the French to find a word for how I feel. Anyway, things have been happening, but as usual, I lost my blogging mojo for a while. The only reason it's back today is that today I'm 26 and Boston Husband is still asleep and it's almost quarter past noon, and my only other option for a thing to do right now is go buy new tires for my car and get an oil change.

Anyway. Do you guys know who Grumperina is? You should. You should also go read her latest blog post (Robots!), because I am the Kate she mentions. Also, that is my dirty little secret, the job I hate is at Jo-Ann Fabric. Anyway, Grumperina came into my store a few weeks ago and I got to ring her out, and when I recognized her I almost peed. I don't think I've made that big an ass of myself since the time I met Guy Fieri on my internship in Providence. Grumperina also came back during this past week, but I was on my break when she cashed out. Oh well. I'm sure I'll see her again.

On the knitting front, I finished all the baby knitting I was doing. I mailed off the Puerperium Cardigan to my friend Jae, along with some spare buttons, some doggie snacks for her beagle, and a stuffed elephant for the baby. She was speechless when she opened her package. I also went to my cousin's shower last Sunday, and she loved the hat and bootie set (I finally made my decision) and the Autumn Leaves sweater/dress/tunic/whatever. That really wowed everyone in the room, but I didn't get a picture of that one. It turned out quite nice, though. I hope her daughter wears it at least once.

When the baby knitting was done, I went back to some toe-up socks I had started in July. They were a very simple pattern, and I had some funky self-striping yarn from the craft swap at Stitch House, but since it had no label, I figured this was the best pattern for it so I could get the most mileage out of my yarn. I was inspired by a pair of giant rainbow socks Eskimimi had knitted herself, but as I tried them on I realized I wasn't happy with them, so I pulled them out, wound the yarn around a book, pulled it off and put it in for a soak to get the kinks out. It's drying over my bathroom faucet right now, but when it's dry I'll run it through the yarn meter to figure out my yardage, ball it evenly and use it for Grumperina's Jaywalker socks. In the meantime, I've started a new pair of socks.

Last night I did all my swatching and cast on for the Circinus socks from the latest Knitty. A couple weeks ago, I bought some new yarn at work since we'd gotten new colors of Patons Kroy Socks. One of the colors I got is called Celestial Colors, and since the Circinus socks are named for a galaxy, it seems fitting to use this yarn for that pattern. I'm working on the cuff still (I tried to go to bed early last night, so I only got through about six rounds of ribbing), but so far the color is divine and the texture is nice. It's a bit fuzzy, since the wool content isn't superwash, so I'm hoping it won't obscure the fancy cables when I get down that far. But, even if it does, the color is gorgeous so I can frog it and use the yarn for something else if I'm unhappy.

The other thing I did last night was fix that row counter. I couldn't find my beloved owl counter, so I had to improvise. This is my back-up counter, and I hated it. When I bought it, it had a dinky plastic ring on the end so you could hold it on the end of your needle or at the start of your round. I brought it with me the day I started my crazy stripe socks that I frogged last night. I also broke it that day when the dinky plastic ring snapped off while I was adjusting my stitches. I threw it in my needle drawer and didn't look at it for a while, but then when I couldn't find my good counter last night, I pulled this one out. Boston Husband pulled out the drill and popped off the ends of the old hanging ring (far less dinky than the ring itself), and I dug through my beads to find something a little zazzy. I'm much happier with it now, especially since I didn't really have a good idea on how to use those big beads, but I still miss my owl counter. The owl counter is the kind that you just press a button and it clicks over to a new number for you. But on the bright side, these counters are cheap and easy to alter, so I'll be fixing up more in the future to offer for sale in my Etsy store. Also in the future I will get my Etsy store off the ground. Last month Boston Husband spent a lot of time away from home for work, staying overnight in the town where he was working, so I spent a couple of nights whipping up stitch markers. I'm quite happy with the results, and I have enough beads to keep me crafting for a while if I ever run out of yarn.

Me, run out of yarn? Ha, I'm so hilarious.

Anyway, that's about it, I suppose. For now, at least. Hopefully 26 will be more inspiring for me than 25, and I'll blog more than once a month. Until then, I am itching to get past the cuff of these socks and start with the fancy cables.


  1. Wow, I can't believe you met Grumperina! That's too cool :)

    I've also had a lapse of blogging mojo. I just don't want to... meh! It's supposed to be fun, so don't force yourself to do it, or it won't be fun.

    1. I had lost some knitting mojo as well, but I chalk that up to a rather boring pattern. Since I've frogged the very vanilla socks and switched to the Circinus socks instead, I'm feeling much more like my old self. This lovely (though wet) weather I'm having has also helped to set me to rights!