30 September 2013

How I dropped $102 at Woolpack

Yes, it's true. Last weekend I went to Woolpack in Acton and spent $102. What's worse, I only got two hanks of yarn. I'm not even exaggerating. But oh, the yarn is lovely. In the interest of full disclosure, I had the mother of all hangovers, to the point where I expected to need to pull over and vomit at least twice on my drive out. The night before I had imbibed far too much J├Ągermeister, because I am a glutton for punishment, apparently. Anyway, I stopped for a croissant and a blue Powerade before I even left my neighborhood, and that helped drastically. I made it all the way out to Acton without puking on myself or my poor car, go me.

I didn't really have a huge plan for my visit, I just wanted to scope things out. I had also heard they sold swifts, and after my debacle with the Cascade Heritage I used to make Boston Husband's socks (which, PS, he won't wear because they're "itchy," so I'll be frogging them and using the yarn for something else for myself instead) I figured it was time to make the investment. Unfortunately, I didn't see one, but that's alright. I did get a new US3 circular for my damned Circinus socks, because I'm having a hell of a time getting gauge and I didn't have a circular in that size. My new circ is a ChaiGoo Knit Red Lace. So fancy. I might even like this one better than my Knitters' Pride needles. Both points are nice and sharp, to keep my yarn from splitting (and holy crap, is this yarn splitty), plus the cable joins are incredibly smooth. The cable is nice and sturdy, too, and though flexible it doesn't crease where it bends so it stays smooth. I'm now on my third incarnation of the Circinus socks, using the size 3 needles and working a small instead of a medium. If this doesn't work, the yarn is going in time out.

The yarn I bought at Woolpack is lovely. I was going to get a different color, but they only had one hank out and I didn't get a chance to ask if they had more in the back. Oh well, I'm going back on Saturday with my friend Chelle, maybe they'll have it out then or I can see if they have it in the back.This is Shibui Staccato in Fjord. The Chrome colorway was calling my name, but this is lovely, too. Plus at only $12 a hank, if the Chrome is available when we go back, that can come home with me, too.

So that's $24 on yarn and another $9 for the needle, so what the fuck did I spend the rest of my money on? A ball winder. Until I get a swift I'll just prop the yarn over the back of the kitchen chairs, but I must say, the ball winder was $65 (plus tax) well-spent. When I frogged my second go at the Circinus socks, I rewound the yarn with the ball winder, as well as the second skein. Lovely. Plus then I wound two other skeins of sock yarn, the leftover pink 220 Superwash from my cousin's gifts, and a skein of Sugar 'n Cream navy blue cotton. I have more yarn that needs winding (obviously), but I'm trying to go slow and not get too far ahead of myself so I don't lose any yarn labels.

Anyway, I'm working in an hour, so I need to get dressed. I'll be back probably tomorrow night to talk about some other yarn I got recently. This other yarn is Halloween colors, and self striping. Yum.


  1. what's woolpack? Also, a ballwinder is money well spent! I dunno what I would do without mine!!

    1. Woolpack is a not-so-local LYS. It's about an hour away, but I do love it so. I don't make it out there that often, so it's kind of a really special treat to myself when I go. And of course, it's apparently a wonderful hangover cure.

  2. My swift and ballwinder are two of the best purchases I ever made. Ever. Enjoy!