20 October 2013


So, some things. I finished my Circinus socks, finally. I took the right sock with me when I went to get new tires and an oil change, and (surprise) I got it finished while I was waiting because it took FOREVER. I even got my toe grafted and the ends worked away, and I was perusing Pinterest when the mechanic called my name.

I also got through Ana's mitts without any serious problems...not including that the first copy of the pattern was missing directions for the actual thumb, but she sent me a new copy before I was even ready to work the thumb, so it didn't even matter. I'm going to send them to my great-grandmother for her birthday at the end of the month. I think she'll be ninety-four. Maybe ninety-five. Anyway, I haven't knit for her before, and everyone could use a handknit at one point or another.

I figured out how to do page breaks on posts, so I went back and edited all the posts that I thought needed breaks. I originally thought I was going to need to look up some fancy codes, blah blah blah. Nope. When I started this blog, I didn't really look around too much at my editing options, and it turned out to be a really simple thing to do. Anyway, so now there are page breaks on the insanely long posts (a.k.a. almost anything not labeled "micropost").

I got paid two weeks ago, so after paying my utility bills (yay, adulthood) I treated myself to two things I've had my eye on for quite a while. One has already arrived, and the other should be here tomorrow. I ordered a size US50 circular needle to do a stash-busting blanket a la A Stash Addict. I'm excited to start, but since Boston Husband and I just cleaned out the spare room, a lot of my stash that needs busting is now in the basement. Long story short, the bust might be delayed indefinitely, or at least until I feel like taking the bin up from the basement. Have I mentioned we live on the second floor? Well, we live on the second floor. A sixty-gallon bin full of yarn is still quite heavy, and hauling up those stairs is no fun. Also, no, I do not own a chair upholstered in plaid with skulls. That is a blanket that usually protects my chair from pet hair, but it also gets a little too toasty and always attracts the cat (it is his favorite snuggling blanket), so it's headed for the laundry in the morning.

The other thing I ordered that should be here tomorrow is a swift. Now, it's nothing too fancy, because I didn't really want to throw down more than I had to at this stage. So rather than something like seventy dollars I only spent about thirty (plus shipping) on a plastic one rather than wood. I am very excited for that one, since so much of my stash is in hanks rather than balls or skeins. Woohoo! The cakes are much easier to store, so I'll be able to get things much tidier soon.

Speaking of stash and my living arrangements, I started a new pair of socks. They're nothing fancy, since I started them the night before Boston Husband and I went away for our anniversary (another trip to the lighthouse, though this year we had much better weather) and I didn't want to worry about a real pattern. They're a simple 2x2 rib with a short row heel (thanks to Eskimimi for providing a simple recipe--and how awesome is her blog's new look?!), but since my goal right now is to knit down the stash and I love knee socks, I decided to get fancy and work some increases over my calves, which are massive from all the stairs and "holy shit this incline didn't seem steep on the way down" hills all over the neighborhood. In fact, I have commercial socks that I can't wear because they don't fit over my calves, which is devastating because they are really cute socks (white with black toe/heel/cuff contrasts and sparkly mustaches all over in different colors). I will have to make my own mustache socks, I suppose. 

Anyway, I didn't want to interrupt the 2x2 pattern, so rather than just increasing and letting my ribs get wider and wider, I used some tricks I learned from my Circinus socks to keep the pattern as established while branching my ribs. Over the back of the leg on the center rib I started branching out, so the one rib became two, then the two became four, and now the four are eight. You can see my swatch in the picture here, resting on Chompy who just can't stay away from his blanket (or stay awake on it, in case you wondered). Hopefully that's all the increasing I need to do, because these socks are taking forever and I'm already bored. I might need to work on something else before I start the next sock. Hell, I might need to work on something else before I finish this sock. I don't usually have second-sock syndrome, but I've never before heard of first-sock syndrome. The yarn is quite nice, and the size two needles are making a fabric that's not too loose or too tight, so it's not like the sock is an unenjoyable knit. It's just getting boring. Like, to the point where I was happy to swatch and test out my idea because it was something different, even if it really wasn't.

My last picture is of more stash that will eventually need knitting. I have managed to accumulate three balls of the same color and dye lot of Crystal Palace's Sausalito yarn, even though they were purchased in different trips and without making a note of the color or dye lot between purchases. Aren't I lucky? Anyway, one is caked because it kept trying to unravel from the ball, but it was nice to wind it and get an idea for how the color progression will go. I'm going to eventually do socks with two of the balls and maybe some mitts with the third. Pattern ideas, anyone?


  1. Broomsticks, fun! Those socks are really neat, I never would have thought to do the increasing like that!

    1. They are MASSIVE! I can't wait to use them, but I'm trying to work down the sock yarns first, haha. I wouldn't have thought of this sneaky rib increase if I hadn't just learned it. I might have gone for something a little more like the Ridley socks in the latest Knitty, with a lacy panel worked to disguise my increases. That might be my next trick, if I ever finish these socks!

  2. Hi! I tried to reply to your comment via email, but your email address isn't attached to your profile, so it bounced back! Apparently, it's been doing that for some time... Oops... Do you want to message me on Rav or exchange emails? My is linked to my profile, so if you get this comment in your email you can just reply to reply to me.

    1. Really? How odd, I thought I'd set that up. Okay, then, Rav message coming in 3-2-1!