10 November 2013


Even though at some point Craftsy decided to stop offering my beloved Mystery Boxes, I still love them (and once in a while they do offer them in a raffle if you follow them on Facebook). I was very excited to learn that Craftsy has an affiliate program, and I was even more excited to be accepted into it.

The real draw (for me) is an incentive to blog more frequently. If I link a Craftsy class or sale and you sign up for it, I get a commission. If you're new to Craftsy and sign up through my affiliate link, I get a dollar for that, too. So yes, the incentive is money, but it will help keep me on track with my blog--though to be fair, since starting my new job, all I want to do is sleep (which is why there's been radio silence over here lately)--and that benefits my readers as well.

Do you have a blog? Are you interested in this wonderful program, too? Then by all means, apply for the program, too! Just let them know I sent you by following this link so I get credit for a new affiliate. Don't have a blog, but want to join Craftsy? You can give me credit for the sign up if you go through this link--remember, every new sign up through my affiliate link means a dollar for me.

Now I'm going to go make something to eat and get back to knitting. One of the women I work with gave me some cotton yarn and I promised her some dishcloths. So far I only have one, but luckily we have Monday as a holiday so hopefully I can churn out a few more. I'm going to use a quicker pattern, though.

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