20 May 2014

Hello again

This isn't really my comeback. My comeback will involve glitter and a show-stopping musical number.* I've just been very busy with work, and slightly busy with knitting. And while we're on the subject, please allow a small rant.
What the actual fuck, yarn stores. The yarns I received from yarn crawl are just...I mean, what's wrong with a nice plied wool? Or soft pima cotton? OR MAYBE JUST A COLOR THAT DOESN'T IMMEDIATELY MAKE YOU THINK OF MOLD? I am very seriously thinking of burning one of these yarns. I don't even think I can pawn it off on someone else...unless I haul my cookies down to Rhode Island and "donate" it to my once-local yarn store. There may or may not be pictures, but I'm not kidding when I say one of the yarns is crispy.
I did skip this year's Knit & Crochet Blog Week, because the topics were a smidge too avant-garde for me. I know, you're all bummed I didn't do a dating profile of my socks. To make up for that, I'm promising yarn porn: all the lovely things I brought home from the North Shore Yarn Crawl in March (holy shit I'm so behind with that). I may or may not be including a shot of the earrings I got, because apparently I lost one sometime this weekend while I was out bar-hopping with Boston Husband, the best friend Homance, and Homance's new boyfriend...I'll probably just call him Spot, because his hair is spotted on one side due to a couple of birthmarks on his scalp. We had a fun night that turned into a horrible next morning when I could barely get myself out of bed and puked after I got out of the shower (after eating a red jello, in hopes of calming my churning gut...which of course made it look like I was barfing up blood). Luckily it was a successful boot 'n rally, because afterwards I managed to get myself dressed and out to lunch with Boston Husband (though I did immediately regret ordering a salad for lunch when really I wanted mac 'n cheese and a donut).

In the interim, this will have to tide you over until tomorrow when I get home from work. There may even be a new On My Needles (omg)...if I can locate my camera. I'm just over halfway through a pair of Brigit socks, which I believe was my wildcard project from last year's KCBW.

*My comeback will not involve glitter and a show-stopping musical number. What the fuck is wrong with you.

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